First Generation Benchmark Problem

Data Request DOS/Windows

Thank you for your interest in the Benchmark Structural Control Problem.

Please address any questions to Prof. B.F. Spencer, Jr. via e-mail at


Benchmark Data DOS/Windows instructions

When you are ready, download, and perform the following steps:

  1. mkdir bench             Create directory "bench"
  2. move bench    Move ZIP archive into directory "bench"
  3. cd bench                Change directory to "bench"
  4. pkunzip -d    Extract the ZIP archive
  5. Look at the contents of the directory "BENCH". In this directory, there will be two subdirectories named "AMD" and "TENDON". Each subdirectory corresponds to one of the benchmark problems. To get started, look at the file "BENCH/AMD/README.AMD" which contains the information necessary to use both of the benchmark programs. Additional information pertinent to the active tendon problem can then be found in "BENCH/TENDON/README.TDN".


Download for Macintosh or UNIX.

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