First Generation Benchmark

Special Issue of
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

vol. 27, no. 11

Due to the interest in the Structural Control benchmark session at the 1997 ASCE Structures Congress, and in order to obtain broader participation in this benchmark study and wider distribution of the associated results than is possible through a single conference session, a special issue of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics was arranged to report the results of the benchmark study. By focusing on issues of full-scale implementability and performance, the special issue should be of interest to both practitioners wanting to learn about the emerging field of structural control, as well as researchers and students currently engaged in system development.

17 papers, all of which underwent the standard journal review process, were accepted for publication in the special issue. The first two of these papers are expanded versions of the problem definition papers given at the 1997 ASCE Structures Congress. The remaining 15 papers apply a wide variety of control design methods, from robust control to multiobjective optimial control to fuzzy control approaches, to the two benchmark problems from this study (a three-story building model with either an active mass driver or an active tendon controller).

The manuscripts of the papers were due in January 1997, were reviewed and revised, and were published in late 1998.


Simulation Results

All of the controllers proposed by the various papers have been independentely tested in simulation by Erik A. Johnson, with assistance from Pete Quast and Dave Preissler, using MATLAB (version 4.2c).

The MATLAB code to repeat these evaluations may be downloaded by filling out this form.

The experimental verification of these controllers is currently in progress.

The papers are tabulated below with links to the corresponding abstracts, performance results for proposed controllers, and PDF versions of the papers.

Authors Title (click for abstract) Results Paper
B.F. Spencer Jr., S.J. Dyke, and H.S. Deoskar Benchmark Problems in Structural Control: Part I -- Active Mass Driver System
Benchmark Problems in Structural Control: Part II -- Active Tendon System
Rajesh Adhikari, Hiroki Yamaguchi, and Toshiki Yamazaki Modal Space Sliding Mode Control of Structures AMD 710KB
A.K. Agrawal, J.N. Yang, and J.C. Wu Application of Optimal Polynomial Controller to a Benchmark Problem TEN 752KB
Gary J. Balas Synthesis of Controllers for the Active Mass Driver System in the Presence of Uncertainty AMD 775KB
Khaldoon Bani-Hani and Jamshid Ghaboussi Neural Networks for Structural Control of a Benchmark Problem, Active Tendon System TEN 754KB
M. Battaini, F. Casciati and L. Faravelli Fuzzy Control of Structural Vibration. An Active Mass System Driven by a Fuzzy Controller AMD 289KB
Scott E. Breneman and H. Allison Smith Design of Hinfinity Output Feedback Controllers for the AMD Benchmark Problem AMD 283KB
Fernando J. D'Amato and Mario A. Rotea Limits of Achievable Performance and Controller Design for the Structural Control Benchmark Problem AMD 928KB
Erik A. Johnson, Petros G. Voulgaris, and Lawrence A. Bergman Multiobjective Optimal Structural Control of the Notre Dame Building Model Benchmark AMD, TEN 360KB
I.E. Kose, F. Jabbari, W.E. Schmitendorf, and J.N. Yang Controllers for Quadratic Stability and Performance of a Benchmark Problem AMD 842KB
Jianbo Lu and Robert R. Skelton Covariance Control using Closed Loop Modeling for Structures AMD 787KB
B. Scott May and James L. Beck Probabilistic Control for the Active Mass Driver Benchmark Structural Model AMD 386KB
G.F. Panariello, R. Betti, and R.W. Longman Application of Ensemble Training of a Structural Controller to the AMD Benchmark Problem AMD 1060KB
Mark S. Whorton, Anthony J. Calise, and C-C. Hsu A Study of Fixed Order Mixed Norm Designs for a Benchmark Problem in Structural Control TEN 454KB
J.C. Wu, J.N. Yang, and A.K. Agrawal Applications of Sliding Mode Control to Benchmark Problems AMD, TEN 1087KB
Peter M. Young and Bogusz Bienkiewicz Robust Controller Design for the Active Mass Driver Benchmark Problem AMD 347KB

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