Synthesis of Controllers for the Active Mass Driver System in the Presence of Uncertainty

Gary J. Balas (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota)

paper (PDF, 775KB); abstract


Active Mass Driver (AMD) Results

  µ synthesis controller
J1 0.191456
J2 0.293357
J3 0.840950
J4 0.836336
J5 0.813123
J6 0.3121970.377974
J7 0.4790430.679092
J8 1.2670251.428885
J9 1.2141131.537431
J10 1.0950601.236774
uRMS 0.279162
amRMS 1.455490
xmRMS 1.101644
uMAX 1.1889070.661431
amMAX 5.5300543.190877
xmMAX 4.2698762.371949

Numbers in this face represent violated constraints.
Numbers in this face are the larger of the ElCentro/Hachinohe values.

The Kanai-Tajimi results were performed using wg =37.3 rads/sec, zg =0.3, Tf =300 secs.

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