Limits of Achievable Performance and Controller Design for the Structural Control Benchmark Problem

Fernando J. D'Amato (Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University)
Mario A. Rotea (Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University)

paper (PDF, 928KB); abstract


Active Mass Driver (AMD) Results

J1 0.213185
J2 0.321359
J3 0.711925
J4 0.708761
J5 0.685900
J6 0.3364290.379659
J7 0.5374290.639790
J8 1.0271691.477814
J9 1.0781931.390909
J10 1.1505981.682684
uRMS 0.227793
amRMS 1.227761
xmRMS 0.932621
uMAX 0.9782430.711873
amMAX 5.8105194.341325
xmMAX 3.4615592.453171

Numbers in this face represent violated constraints.
Numbers in this face are the larger of the ElCentro/Hachinohe values.

The Kanai-Tajimi results were performed using wg =37.3 rads/sec, zg =0.3, Tf =300 secs.

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