Robust Controller Design for the Active Mass Driver Benchmark Problem

Peter M. Young (Electrical Engineering, Colorado State University)
Bogusz Bienkiewicz (Civil Engineering, Colorado State University)

paper (PDF, 347KB); abstract


Active Mass Driver (AMD) Results

  µ synthesis controller
J1 0.243995
J2 0.376264
J3 0.638110
J4 0.635533
J5 0.570032
J6 0.3891230.406353
J7 0.5908060.729818
J8 0.8679800.982657
J9 0.8208480.998556
J10 0.7136320.754056
uRMS 0.206180
amRMS 1.020357
xmRMS 0.835923
uMAX 0.8292080.450754
amMAX 3.6038391.945464
xmMAX 2.9250911.631210

Numbers in this face represent violated constraints.
Numbers in this face are the larger of the ElCentro/Hachinohe values.

The Kanai-Tajimi results were performed using wg =37.3 rads/sec, zg =0.3, Tf =300 secs.

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