A Hinfinity / µ Robust Vibration Control Method Applied to the Benchmark Building


T. Watanabe1 and K. Yoshida2

1 Assistant professor, Dept. System Design Eng., Keio University, Yokohama, Japan, 223-8522
2 Professor, Dept. System Design Eng., Keio University, Yokohama, Japan, 223-8522


Recently the active vibration control of flexible structure has become a major interest in many fields of research like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and aerospace engineering. In flexible structures, it is difficult to estimate the parameters of the structure and dynamics of higher vibration modes exactly.

Such uncertainties often cause instability of active control systems. Therefore, the controller must be designed so as to be robust to such uncertainties, parameter variations and uncertain modes. Authors had already presented a design method of reduced-order robust vibration controller taking account of the parameter variations and the residual dynamics by utilizing Hinfinity / µ control theory [1][2]. In the method, the controller is designed taking account of the effects of parameter variation, residual modes, and order reduction of controller.

This paper discusses the effectiveness of the presented controller design method for the benchmark building. Active Dynamic Vibration Absorber (ADVA) is applied as a control device. Computer simulations are carried out to verify the control performance of the obtained controller. The optimization of passive elements of ADVA is also discussed [3].


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