Next Generation Benchmark Problem

Data Request UNIX

Thank you for your interest in the Benchmark Structural Control Problem.

Please address any questions via e-mail to


Benchmark Data UNIX instructions

When you are ready, download ngbench.tar.Z, and perform the following steps:

  1. uncompress ngbench.tar    Creates the file "ngbench.tar"
  2. tar xf ngbench.tar        Creates the directory "ngbench"
  3. rm ngbench.tar            Deletes temporary file
  4. Look at the contents of the directory "ngbench", especially at the "README" file for information.

If you have trouble downloading the binary file ngbench.tar.Z above, try downloading a uuencoded version ngbench.tar.Z.uu. To decode ngbench.tar.Z.uu, execute uudecode ngbench.tar.Z.uu ; rm ngbench.tar.Z.uu and then perform the 4 steps listed above.


Download for Macintosh or DOS/Windows.

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