Nonlinear Benchmark Problem

Data Request UNIX

Thank you for your interest in the Benchmark Structural Control Problem.

Please address any questions via e-mail to


Benchmark Data UNIX instructions

When you are ready, download nlbench.tar.Z, and perform the following steps:

  1. uncompress nlbench.tar    Creates the file "nlbench.tar"
  2. tar xf nlbench.tar        Creates the directory "nlbench"
  3. rm nlbench.tar            Deletes temporary file
  4. Look at the contents of the directory "nlbench", especially at the "README" file for information.

If you have trouble downloading the binary file nlbench.tar.Z above, try downloading a unencoded version nlbench.tar.Z.uu. To decode nlbench.tar.Z.uu, execute uudecode nlbench.tar.Z.uu ; rm nlbench.tar.Z.uu and then perform the 4 steps listed above.

NOTE: The mex file for the SOL2 versions of MATLAB is Nonlin_Block14.mexsol, the mex file for the HP700 versions of MATLAB are Nonlin_Block14.mexhp7.

NOTE: The files inout_3.m, inout_9.m, ctrlr_3.m and ctrlr_9.m are not included in the files you have downloaded. Only SAMPLE inout_20.m and ctrlr_20.m files are included.

NOTE: Depending on which version of MATLAB/Simulink you are running, you may receive the error:

    Warning: Source block 'Sim_NLBM/Ground Accel/####' specifies that its sample time (-1) should be back-inherited from the block(s) it drives. You should explicitly specify the sample time of source blocks

    This error is a result of changes between the different versions, in particular the specified sample time of input blocks. The benchmark results are unaffected by this error.


Download for DOS/Windows95/98.
Download for DOS/WindowsNT.
Download for Macintosh.

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