Nonlinear Benchmark Problem

Data Request DOS/Windows95/98

Thank you for your interest in the Benchmark Structural Control Problem.

Please address any questions via e-mail to


Benchmark Data DOS/Windows instructions

When you are ready, download, and perform the following steps:

  1. pkunzip -d Extract the ZIP archive
  2. Look at the contents of the directory "nlbench" and at the "nlbench\00README" file for information.


Download for UNIX.
Download for DOS/WindowsNT.
Download for Macintosh.

NOTE: The files inout_3.m, inout_9.m, ctrlr_3.m and ctrlr_9.m are not included in the files you have downloaded. Only SAMPLE inout_20.m and ctrlr_20.m files are included.

NOTE: Depending on which version of MATLAB/Simulink you are running, you may receive the error:

    Warning: Source block 'Sim_NLBM/Ground Accel/####' specifies that its sample time (-1) should be back-inherited from the block(s) it drives. You should explicitly specify the sample time of source blocks

    This error is a result of changes between the different versions, in particular the specified sample time of input blocks. The benchmark results are unaffected by this error.

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